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Case of the Week

This lipoblastoma was encountered in a young adult but has nearly completely "matured" to a lobulated lipoma with only focal changes of lipoblastoma. The PLAG1 immunohistochemical stain is reassuring in light of the older age of the patient since lipoblastomas are generally lesions of babies and toddlers.

Reference: Warren M, Tiwari N, Sy S, Raca G, Schmidt RJ, Pawel B. PLAG1 Immunohistochemical Staining Is a Surrogate Marker for PLAG1 Fusions in Lipoblastomas. Pediatr Dev Pathol. 2022 Mar-Apr;25(2):134-140. PMID: 34601996.

Case provided by Dr. Elizabeth Montgomery, Clinical Professor, Vice Chair of Faculty Development & Mentoring, Director of Surgical Pathology Fellowship Training Program, Co-Director, Pathology Reference Services, and Editor-In-Chief at Innovative Science Press.

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