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Survival Guide Series

Although there are many excellent sources for learning diagnostic pathology, those directed at residents, fellows, and practicing pathologists, are too simplified to be practical for daily work with diagnostic pathology, and many other texts assume a foundation of more knowledge than many of us have as we begin to learn about a new area of diagnostic pathology.


This Series is intended to help not only residents and fellows but also practicing pathologists who begin to tackle an organ system that is unfamiliar to them or refresh knowledge on a particular topic. These volumes are practical, concise, and full of excellent illustrations. 


We begin with gastrointestinal mucosal biopsies and continue with soft tissue, dermatopathology, endocrine and prostate pathology. Upcoming volumes will cover liver, bone, breast, lung, head and neck, pancreas, gyn, hematopathology, cytopathology, kidney and bladder, testis and penis, and feature a host of authors who are superb educators. We believe you will find this series useful and easy to read.


​Elizabeth A. Montgomery, MD


Pathology Survival Guides

Female Scientist Using Microscope
Scientist on Computer

Meet The Team

Our teams consists of expert individuals with many years of experience in producing high quality medical volumes, as well as prominent pathologists and excellent educators, with whom we have worked for years.

Elizabeth Montgomery, MD

Elizabeth  Montgomery, MD


Kathryn Foucar, MD

Mirlinda Caton, MPP

Mirlinda Caton, MPP

Magdalena Silva

Magdalena Silva

Angie Constante

Angie Constante

J Kristofer

J. Kristofer, MA

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