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Dr. Roberts is Associate professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School and Sub-specialty head of perinatal pathology and pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. She received her medical degree in the Health Sciences and Technology division of Harvard medical school and was a resident in OB/GYN before completing her anatomic pathology residency both at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She followed her fellowship in Womens’ and Perinatal Pathology also at the Brigham, and then completed a post-doctoral fellowship in genetics with Cliff Tabin at Harvard Medical school.


She has been at the Massachusetts General Hospital since 1994 when she launched the perinatal pathology division with the re-introduction of obstetrics to the hospital. She is an internationally recognized perinatal pathologist author or more than 125 manuscripts, chapters, and books. She serves as associate editor on many pathology journal boards and is a much sought out speaker internationally on perinatal pathology topics. Dr. Roberts is also passionate about global health and has participated in capacity building and training in anatomic pathology in sub-Saharan Africa for many years.

Dr. Roberts
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