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Case of the Week

Autoimmune enteropathy pattern of injury. What is absent can be as important as what is present in gastrointestinal biopsies. Missing in action: goblet cells, Paneth cells. Abnormally present - prominent apoptotic bodies. This pattern of injury that can be attributed to several underlying causes and associations, including an association with angiotensin receptor blocker anti-hypertension medications (eg, olmesartan).

van Wanrooij RLJ, Bontkes HJ, Neefjes-Borst EA, Mulder CJ, Bouma G. Immune-mediated enteropathies: From bench to bedside. J Autoimmun. 2021 Mar;118:102609. PMID: 33607573.

Case provided by Dr. Elizabeth Montgomery, Clinical Professor, Vice Chair of Faculty Development & Mentoring, Director of Surgical Pathology Fellowship Training Program, Co-Director, Pathology Reference Services, and Editor-In-Chief at Innovative Science Press.

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