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Case of the Week

Clinical history: A 61-year-old male with a polypoid, extensively necrotic and hemorrhagic tumor mass located in the glans.

The photomicrographs show a high-grade malignant tumor composed of spindle and pleomorphic cells, with extensive areas simulating vascular spaces. However, true malignant endothelial cells are not seen. These pseudovascular spaces are intermingled with other areas showing myxoid, lower grade histology. Mitotic figures, some atypical, are abundant. No squamous differentiation is observed. The case corresponds to an angiosarcomatoid carcinoma of the penis.

This case was provided by Dr. Alcides Chaux, a pathologist, Chief Data Scientist, and Director of the Department of Scientific Research at Norte University, Asunción, Paraguay. He is also an author of the Survival Guide to Testis and Penis to be published by Innovative Science Press. More info on these and our other titles at:


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