Although there are many excellent sources for learning diagnostic pathology, psychiatry, radiology and, neurophysiology, many texts have an overwhelming amount of information, some of which is obscure for the reader seeking rapid information. This series is intended to help not only residents but also fully trained physicians who begin to tackle an organ system or a topic that is unfamiliar to them or want to add or refresh knowledge. Further, in the interest of making the volumes affordable to both trainees and fully licensed colleagues, we have chosen a soft cover format to contain costs but not at the expense of high quality images, which will enhance the availability of the books to those who will benefit most from them. These volumes are slim, light, and concise.


We have begun with mucosal gastrointestinal pathology with the basics and a framework to diagnose the common lesions together with a few exotic lesions that are important. We will continue to publish the pathology survival guides, but we will expand to neurophysiology, radiology, psychiatry and are exploring other areas. With the provided road map, you will learn more and get quickly into the topic. Start to be an expert!


We believe that you will find the series useful and enjoyable to read.

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