At Innovative Science Press, we are dedicated to the advancement of physicians of all specialties by producing and disseminating educational text books. We believe that all physicians around the globe deserve access to quality and affordable medical training in order to help their patients. For this reason, our books are written by the most prominent in the field and are reasonably priced. We provide steep discounts to make them affordable and donate frequently to under-served countries. Our volumes are practical, concise and rich with high-quality illustrations. They are designed to help not only residents and fellows but also practicing physicians who want to refresh knowledge on a particular topic.


We are also dedicated to increasing women's awareness of maternal health by targeted campaigns, by supporting their education and by building partnerships with other health organizations.



Our teams consists of expert individuals with 20+ years of experience in producing high quality medical volumes, and prominent pathologists, neurophysiologists, radiologists, psychiatrists as well as excellent educators.

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